Concrete city

Ramallah is ambitious. Located 900 meters above sea level and only fifteen kilometers away from Jerusalem, Ramallah has the status of administrative capital of Palestine. This feature gives it a cosmopolitan atmosphere, emphasized by the presence of many NGOs and a constant flow of foreigners.

The urbanization of Ramallah seems chaotic and fragmented. Following the reunification of several villages, Ramallah was born. Today, a few of these modest parts remain. Concrete structures of future towers stand in the city and announce its urban transformation.

Ramallah is a vibrant city that does not leave its visitors indifferent. It impresses with its climate, its contrasts, its culture and nightlife.

© Tewfik Tabouche

  • Ein el Jawz street
  • Ein el Jawz outdoor living
  • Esplanade of MD Museum
  • New neighbourhood
  • Facade under construction
  • Roundabout in the city center
  • Al Sahel street
  • Tower under construction
  • Vacant lot
  • Landscape
  • Urban expansion
  • Qalandia during the day
  • Qalandia at night