Tour in Nablus

The old city of Nablus includes six major quarters located in different streets and alleyways namely; Al-Yasmineh, Al-Gharb, Qaryon, Aqaba, Qisariyyeh, and Habaleh. These squares are surrounded by historic and archeological buildings, mosques, and arches that form a unique blend of the myriad civilizations that ruled the city since its foundation during the Roman period in 69-72. Historic landmarks are not limited to the old city. There a number of historic sites and archeological landmarks located outside the old city particularly the Canaanite Shekem and other sites.

Khan Tojjar, located in the heart of the old city, was founded by Turkish minister Lala Mustafa Basha in 1569. The Khan was demolished in the earthquake of 1927 and was replaced by two rows of commercial stores.

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  • Al-Kabir Mosque + Nabulsi Balcony
  • Al-Khan
  • Al-Yasminah + Nasir Arafat
  • Duwwar Al-Shuhada
  • Fake Fishes + Mount of Ebal
  • The Map
  • Hammouz Cafe
  • Shopping
  • Al-Yasminah
  • Old Recorder
  • Toys Shop
  • Turmos