Walking Through Fire

Everything here speaks in antiquity and transformation alike. Things transform through burning fires, as if in a constant search for a particular shape. Here, we can find the hammer, the clamp and the air in the darkness forming part of the story. This story is about sand, a fist and anxiety. It is the tale of sand that is being kneaded by an experienced fist, one that has practiced the craft for hundreds of years until it became astute in its arts; a fist that is accustomed to anxiety as it is to the craft. The anxiety of creation and art.

This is the story of a secret and the story of nostalgia; the craving of things to take shape, and the yearning of shape and color to the matter that allows them to manifest.

The idea behind this photo-gallery is not merely to document an old industry, but also to focus on what is new. It serves to show the ingenuity of historical Palestinian industries and the tact of gathering the visions of modernity and the depth of spiritual patrimony.

© Shadi A. Baker

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  • Chair
  • Three men
  • Shelves
  • Fan
  • Raw glass
  • Dresser
  • Baby bottle
  • Blowing
  • Tools
  • Flame
  • Ball
  • Colors
  • Newspaper
  • Wheel